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Dermalogica Age Smart Facial +  LED Light Therapy

60 mins

Ideal facial for dry, mature, sun damage skin. Helps repair damaged skin and noticeably improves skin elasticity tone and texture. Leaving your skin with a more youthful appearance. 

$  125.00

Dermalogica Sensitive Skin Facial + LED Light Therapy

60 mins

Help instantly calm and reduce inflamed, red and itchy skin.

$ 125.00

Dermalogica Problematic Skin Facial + LED Light Therapy

60 mins.

A revolutionary blend of hydroxy acids, enzymes and vitamins will thoroughly remove dulling surface debris and stimulate cell renewal. This treatment targets and treats current blemishes, inflamed skin, whilst helping to prevent future breakouts, keeping your skin well hydrated.

$ 125.00

Alginate Mask (Extras)

$ 15.00

Extration (blackheads, whiteheads, milia)


$ 15.00

Microdermabrasion on TOP of any facial

$ 25.00


Facials are workouts for your Skin !

Pamper, Relax, Renew

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