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Liz Skin Care Clinic & Beauty is a home business, established in February 2010 offering a good range of services. Since then the Beauty Clinic has reached all client's needs.
 We are based in the northern suburbs- Ashby, Perth. Near Carramar and Tapping and only 15 minutes from Joondalup.


Who is Liz?

Liz was born and raised in Peru. She moved to Perth WA with her family in 2007. With little knowledge of Perth and speaking no English, Liz and her family were soon calling Perth their 2nd home. 


Liz enjoys the outdoors. Hiking and cycling are two of her favorite outdoor activities. She loves the gym and stays active every day. She plans on traveling all over the world one day completing her bucket list and says it's never too late for anything! 


Liz holds a Diploma in Beauty and Dermal Therapy as well as IPL / Laser Safety officer. She always keeps updating and training with the latest trends in beauty and visiting beauty expos to bring new things to the salon.


Liz has many years of experience. She is a very caring, happy, and talkative person.

Why Liz Skin Care Clinic
& Beauty

Our Beliefs

For Liz everyone has a beautiful skin we only need to start paying more attention to it, using sunscreen could make a huge difference on your skin.


Our Skin is the largest organ. To have good skin we need to start looking after it from a young age. The formula for good healthy skin is Proper Skin Care Products + Sunblock + healthy eating + Exercise, + Plenty of water.


We need to be consistent with our products and have regular skin treatments to boost your skin. You don't need to spend a fortune on skin care products only the essential will be enough. 


If you feed your skin with what it needs such as Vitamin A, C, Peptides, and antioxidants you will have more resilient skin. I promise you!!!!

  • Lovely home-based beauty clinic with a studio separated from the house and a private entrance.

  • Quiet and relaxing place.

  • Daily specials are available.

  • Online booking is available.

  • Flexible times.

  • All you need in one place.

  • No Rushing with your treatments.

  • Competitive prices.

  • Good treatments for a good value.

  • Loyalty cards.

  • Quality products.

  • No crowds.

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