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What is Teeth Whitening 

Teeth Whitening is a non-invasive procedure that will leave the surface of the teeth 5-14 shades lighter. We use advanced technology and the highest-grade materials so you can expect a safe, painless, and cost-effective treatment.

We recommend tailored treatment plans according to each individual as results vary from client to client.

A 4-6 week top-up is recommended following your initial treatment to enhance and lock in the color, followed by ongoing treatments every 3-4 months. 

Signature Smile 

This treatment is conducted in
3 x 20-minute intervals under our LED light. 

This treatment is tailored to have your teeth up to 5-10 shades whiter post-treatment and suited to those trying out teeth whitening for the first time. 

If you are a new client, we like to allow up to 2 hours for consultation and before and after photos. 

Ultra Smile

Want the whitest smile possible? The Ultra Smile treatment is for you!

 Consisting of 2 x 1-hour sittings,

4-10 days apart, this treatment can lift your smile up to 14 shades lighter. 

Suited to smokers and regular coffee, tea, and wine drinkers. 

4-6 weeks smile top-up

A  4-6 week whitening top-up is recommended after your initial treatment. 

This will enhance and lock in the color of your bright smile. 

Save money by booking your top-up in conjunction with your initial appointment.

What our customers are saying

I would highly recommend Liz Skin Care Clinic. I recently availed of the new teeth whitening service by Adriana. The experience was very pleasant and the difference in the color of my teeth was incredible with zero sensitivity issues. Cannot wait to get it done again ❤️

Michelle - Google Review


Teeth Whitening Prices

Signature Smile Treatment


Ultra Smile Treatment


4-6 Weeks Smile top up 


$100 when booked in conjunction with your first appointment 

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